The Gerken Companies offer a range of decorative asphalt paving options through ENNIS-FLINT.  Of colored or decorative appearance pavements, decorative asphalt is the least expensive and most cost effective process for paved roadways, crosswalks, or any paved area.  The Gerken Companies use the latest thermoplastics or epoxy coatings to complete decorating asphalt on these areas. The product lines offered include StreetPrint®, the genuine imprinted and colored decorative asphalt; DuraTherm®;, inlayed patterned reflective thermoplastic and newest product offerings known as TrafficPatterns XD™, StreetBond SR™ and StreetBond CL™.   TrafficPatterns XD™ is imprinted asphalt laminated with heavy colored thermoplastic infused with aggregates for skid resistance and durability and post printed for definition of the pattern.  StreetBond SR™ offers LEED® certified credits for solar reflectivity reducing the heat island effect in urban areas.  StreetBond CL™ offers enhanced safety to cyclers, walkers and monitoring public by designating the Cycle Lanes with sustainable bright colors that offer good traction and lane markings.

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