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Gerken Materials Central lab is located in the home office in Napoleon, Ohio. The Gerken Companies also have field laboratories available at each asphalt plant location. In order to bid most large paving projects, the producer of asphalt concrete must have a strong quality control department to ensure product quality and consistency. Gerken Materials has an experienced crew of lab technicians, the industry's most effective equipment for on-site testing, and one of the most contemporary test laboratories in the state of Ohio. Field testing is performed behind the 'paving train' to ensure that the asphalt concrete being placed passes all federal, state, or other applicable specifications. A nuclear density gauge measures the effectiveness of the rollers in compacting the newly placed road. A core drill extracts samples which are taken to the lab to test for air voids, liquid asphalt content, and other characteristics. Field technicians can then call for changes to be made at the plant or on the road if test results are not to their satisfaction.

Gerken Materials, Inc. - Lab
  Jim Shoemaker - Interm Lab Supervisor      
  9-072 CR 424      
  Napoleon, Ohio 43545      
  Lab Direct line: 419.533.0046      
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