Safety Quotes to Ponder. . .

"Safety Rules Are Your Best Tools"

"Be: Smart, Alert, Focused, Educated"

"Safety is No Accident"

"Better Safe than Sorry"

"Safety Saves Lives"

"Success Begins with Safety"

"Safety . . .It's Our Way on the Highway"

"Safety Never Takes A Break"















"Your Safety – Your Future"

- 2014 Gerken Companies Safety Slogan -Dave Bachman

The Gerken Companies have determined "SAFETY" is first and foremost the leading concern in becoming a successful contractor and material supplier. The Gerken Companies are proud of and stand by all policies, procedures, and regulations put forth to promote safety by the construction industry and our own internal company handbook. As The Gerken Companies grow, we will not only follow, but continue to improve our safety programs to meet and exceed that of the industry standards. Here are just a few of the highlighted areas that help keep the employees of The Gerken Companies working in the safest environment possible.

Should you have any questions about The Gerken Companies Safety Program please contact the following:

The Gerken Companies
  9-072 CR 424      
  Napoleon, Ohio 43545      
  Office: 419.533.7701      
  Fax: 419.533.6393      
  Kim Edwards - Human Resources Manager      
  Dave Keifer - Safety Supervisor