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Construction forges our nation’s infrastructure. That’s why Gerken is excited to be part of the I Build America movement.

Nearly every person in the United States has experienced the construction industry’s impact. We build the roads that motorists travel on, the buildings where people work, the houses where families live, and the schools in which children receive their education. We also provide livelihoods for countless laborers, engineers, project managers, equipment operators, and other industry professionals.

I Build America is all about showcasing the importance of construction while helping recruit the next generation of our industry’s workforce.

Not every young person is interested in a four-year college degree. And even those with degrees need an industry where they can grow their skills and make their mark.

Construction workers do challenging work—often under tough conditions—so we can all have better lives. I Build America is a place to share stories and ideas portraying the value of and pride in construction.

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Learn how to instill pride in the construction industry and inspire the next generation of tradespeople and leaders.

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Discover personal narratives comprising videos, articles, and photography showcasing the proud men and women building America.

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There are opportunities for everyone in the construction industry. Learn about the various career options available to you.

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