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Traffic Control

Gerken’s Roadway Services, Inc. provides traffic control support that helps ensure safety—for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and construction crews.

Safety is the top priority in every project, especially where traffic and construction intersect.

Roadway Services directs vehicular and pedestrian traffic around road construction while ensuring comprehensive worksite safety measures to protect drivers and workers alike. Our trained, full-time professionals handle everything—from flagging to construction signage to barrels and programmable message boards—to alert motorists about shoulder, lane, intersection, or roadway closures.

Services and equipment include:

  • Roadway and construction signage
  • Flagging, arrow, and messaging boards
  • Lane and full roadway closures
  • Barrels and cones
  • Zone trucks
  • Professional, full-time crews for onsite service

Traffic Control is just one more way Gerken offers complete service and convenience.

Traffic control sign warehouse

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