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Kuhlman University Presents

Antimicrobial Crystalline Technology

Wednesday June 12, 2024
Noon-1:00 p.m.
Lunch Provided


Crystalline admixtures and coatings extend concrete’s performance and service life, offering waterproofing and protection with proven results and easy application. Xypex’s Bio-San C500 combines crystalline technology with a powerful bio-active antimicrobial, targeting concrete structures affected by microbial-induced corrosion due to high hydrogen sulfide levels. This combination enhances concrete’s service life. For deteriorated structures, Megamix II with Bio-San is available.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how Xypex’s antimicrobial crystalline technology kills the microbes that cause concrete corrosion in sewage environments.
  • Examine how Bio-San C500 protects concrete in high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Explain how Bio-San C500 prevents the infiltration and exfiltration of liquids even under extreme hydrostatic pressure.
  • Describe how Bio-San protects concrete in acidic and sulfate environments.
  • Understand how self-healing of cracks can occur.


Mathew Burzlaff, Manufacturer’s Representative at Xypex Chemical Corporation. Mathew Burzlaff is the Xypex manufacturer’s representative for the State of Ohio and Michigan. He joined the company a little over three years ago and has helped consult the concrete industry with waterproofing and protection of below grade structures with crystalline technology. He is a graduate from Michigan State University and qualifications include both formal manufacturer training and field experience.

1 PDH (Professional Development Hour, self reported.)