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Northwest Concrete Wall

Building a relationship from the foundation up.


Assisting a wall contractor has paid off over the years.

Forty years ago, when basements were built of masonry block, Kuhlman Corporation helped a fledgling customer, Northwestern Concrete Wall Company, launch an alternative construction method of pouring concrete into preset forms to create solid concrete basement walls.

Today, ready-mixed concrete is used almost exclusively in basement walls because they are quicker and more efficient to build than their masonry block counterparts. And Kuhlman remains the concrete supplier of choice for Northwestern Concrete Wall Co.

“Back in 1960, poured concrete walls were a cutting-edge concept. Kuhlman personnel worked closely with us to develop and promote this new idea. It’s been a win-win situation. We continue to work together to improve what we do,” declares Jim Bigelow, who, with his partner Ron Mersereau also constructs residential footers, driveways, plus garage and basement floors.

Northwestern Concrete Wall Co. was perfectly positioned for Toledo’s suburban boom when Ryan Homes and other area residential contractors constructed many homes. The company grew rapidly by pouring basement walls in Crossgates and other subdivisions.

Bigelow adds that his current work crews per house are smaller, while the typical house has nearly doubled in size. Kuhlman’s front-discharge concrete mixers make pouring these jobs faster and easier. Plus, set-up and take-down are simplified and more efficient with today’s easy-to-install, lightweight, flexible Symons concrete forming systems. Kuhlman both rents and sells Symons forms.

Kuhlman works hard to make Northwestern Concrete Wall and its other customers succeed—by consistently providing top-quality products and courteous, accurate, and efficient customer service. Kuhlman’s people—from drivers to managers—understand their products and willingly share their knowledge to ensure a project’s success.

Whether you’re building a bridge or pouring basement walls, we have a concrete forming system to meet your needs.