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Earth Day 2024

Using solar energy to reduce Gerken’s environmental impact.

Gerken Solar Array at Round Lake

Earth Day is a good time to highlight some of Gerken’s environmental efforts. In addition to powering our main office in Napoleon with solar energy, we have also established solar fields to reduce electricity usage at our aggregate production facilities in Waldron and Addison, Michigan.

Our Hillsdale Pit in Waldron produces 178 kilowatts of solar energy to help power that facility. A more extensive solar array at our Round Lake West Pit in Addison (shown in photos) creates 1.25 megawatts of solar energy for the public grid.

We will begin developing a 300-kilowatt solar array at our quarry in West Millgrove, Ohio, this June.

As a renewable and sustainable power source, solar energy is helping Gerken reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lessen air and water pollution, and lower everyone’s electricity costs. We think that’s important. Because at Gerken, we do more than work in the communities our companies serve; we live here, too. Environmental awareness is part of community support—one of our core values.

Gerken Solar Array at Round Lake
Gerken Solar Array at Round Lake