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Stars and Stripes

Displaying our country’s flag with pride.

Gerken workers in front of large US flag

Each year, around the Fourth of July, The Gerken Companies proudly displays a massive United States flag at a different location. This year, the flag hangs from a crane inside our Napoleon maintenance facility, where relatively few will see it. Here’s why.

When we think about the people building America, we often focus on the men and women working on roadways and construction sites or toiling in asphalt and concrete plants. However, countless individuals behind the scenes contribute daily to improving the country’s infrastructure.

Such is the case of these four men, part of the hardworking crew that keeps Gerken’s vehicles running smoothly, safely, and looking good. In front of the flag each loves, they represent all unsung workers helping to shape our country for the better.

Shown left to right are Lee Mock, Kyle Taylor, Dan Dietrich, and Brent Bostleman.

Gerken workers in front of large US flag