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Stephanie Clark

Sales Clerk
Gerken Materials, Inc.

Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark chooses to live one day at a time, a mindset inspired by her ever-optimistic mom, who always envisions brighter days ahead.

Stephanie Clark joined Gerken Materials, Inc. shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began to subside. After thirty years as a floral designer, she felt it was time to transition to a profession involving less face-to-face contact with potentially contagious consumers.

“My great-grandfather owned a gravel business, so going to work in the sand and stone industry felt natural to me,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie works as a Scale Clerk at Gerken Material’s Tecumseh Pit. Her responsibilities include weighing inbound and outbound trucks, keeping daily and weekly records, managing inventory, maintaining MSHA standards, and handling sales.

“What I like best about my job is definitely the social aspect—meeting truck drivers and building relationships with my colleagues,” she says. “I have gotten to know the drivers who come to the window, and I now recognize most of them by their voices.”

A downside to the job is the solitude experienced on cold winter days when slower customer traffic can make her workdays seem incredibly long. But she finds solace in the camaraderie with her coworkers, who always have good stories to share.

Close to Home

Born and raised in Tecumseh, Michigan, Stephanie attended Adrian High School and took classes at Jackson College. She started working at Saline Flowerland in Saline, where she learned floral design and enjoyed creating extravagant arrangements for weddings and other special events. Her designer experience also includes working at Barrett’s Showplace Gardens & Flower Shop in Adrian.

Stephanie is a single mother with a recently married son and a basset hound named Dozer. Away from work, she enjoys outdoor activities such as riding four-wheelers, swimming, and river tubing. She likes vacationing in Florida and visiting the Lake Michigan dunes.

Stephanie spends time with her family whenever possible, often camping with her parents and sister or shopping with her mom. Speaking of her mom, she has been a supportive influence in Stephanie’s life.

“I call her ‘Susy Sunshine’ because she is so happy and optimistic,” Stephanie explains. “It reminds me that staying positive is not always easy; it’s a choice.”

Safety First

Some people might be surprised to learn how meaningful safety is to Stephanie. Maybe it stems from her role as a mother, but she claims to have a knack for spotting danger. When she first joined Gerken, she felt overwhelmed by the industry’s risk potential. However, her training has taught Stephanie to respect danger and not fear it.

“I love safety,” declares Stephanie. “I appreciate the company’s safety focus and the rules designed to protect us.”

Stephanie hopes to see the Grand Canyon someday and travel throughout the United States. Right now, she’s happy working, spending time with her family, and arranging flowers as a hobby. In other words, she’s taking each day as it arrives.

“It reminds me that staying positive is not always easy; it’s a choice.”

—Stephanie Clark