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The Gerken Companies have worked to successfully build and improve the infrastructure of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for more than 60 years. As technologies, people and industry specifications have changed, The Gerken Companies have met a wide variety of challenges and have continued to grow and improve from season to season. With a diligent work force of more than 350 men and women, The Gerken Companies have a dedication to construction quality, an accurate foresight into industry trends, and the ability to adapt and operate in a competitive environment.

Successful management has allowed The Gerken Companies to diversify the array of available services. Stone quarries, sand and gravel facilities, asphalt and aggregate testing laboratories, roadway services and decorative asphalt paving augment the operation of the company's paving division and open doors for continuous improvement in project management and for strong relationships with clients and business partners.


The Gerken Companies originated in 1949 when the late Carl F. Gerken founded the firm in Napoleon, Ohio and began installing catch basins and completing small-scale sewer work in Henry County.  As the firm grew, the company acquired the ability to excavate and began working on larger sewer projects.

In 1962, the company entered the asphalt business by opening its first plant in Napoleon, Ohio.   The company has continued to grow since then, but remains committed to the people-based approach initiated by Carl F. Gerken.  The Gerken Companies now consist of 18 asphalt plants in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan and are active in the limestone and sand and gravel business.

The Gerken Companies now include Gerken Paving, Inc., Gerken Materials, Inc., Gerken Asphalt Paving, Inc., Gerken Leasing Company, LLC, Roadway Services, Inc., The Custar Stone Company, The Bluffton Stone Company and Bluffton Paving, Inc.


The Gerken Companies constantly analyze and adapt to the growing needs for the area’s infrastructure improvements.   To successfully grow with these needs, The Gerken Companies has developed strong support companies to facilitate the original founding company.   Together with dedicated team work, these individual companies play a vital role in achieving and maintaining the excellent overall quality and success of each and every project.